Deposit Account Agreement Section (I)(C)(9)

5.5 SUPPORT SERVICES. Chime gives you access to Chime`s success client teams, including implementation, onboarding, successive management services and Chime`s support team for technical support. Chime may, at its discretion, modify the services offered from time to time and offer certain services for an additional fee, as provided in the „Additional Services and Royalties“ section. If you are aware of transactions and/or if your return does not indicate a transaction, contact us immediately following the procedures under Section II (B), „Information relating to your right to dispute resolution error.“ If you do not notify us within 60 days of learning of the transactions or/or declaration, you may not recover the value you lost after the sixty (60) days if we had prevented someone from gaining value if you had informed us earlier. If a good reason (for example. B a long trip or hospitalization) prevented you from telling us, we can agree to extend the corresponding periods. If your debit card, PIN or account number has been lost or stolen, we close your debit card and/or Easy account to reduce losses and send you a replacement debit card and/or account number. All fees will be withdrawn and assessed from your Easy current account if a balance is available on your account, unless this is prohibited by law. Whenever your remaining balance is less than the amount of fees to be assessed, your Easy current account balance is applied to the fee amount, resulting in a zero balance in your account.

In some circumstances, a longer retention period may apply before cheque deposited funds are available. A longer delay may apply though. B, for example, this „Agreement“ contains these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy [] and other conditions that will be indicated to you at the time of the first use of certain features or services, as we may change them from time to time. If you do not accept this agreement, do NOT click „Connect“ „First Steps“ (or otherwise) and do not access or use our services.