Purolator Driver Collective Agreement

The majority of Purolator`s front-line employees are members of the Teamsters Union, whose previous collective agreement expired on December 31, 2016. „The new agreement provides long-term operational stability, recognizes the value our employees bring to our customers, and enables Purolator to meet the fundamental business realities of today`s evolving marketplace,“ said John Ferguson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Purolator. „We look forward to continuously improving the quality of service our customers rely on over the next five years and beyond. I would like to thank the Teamsters and Purolator negotiating teams who have worked very hard over the past few months to achieve today`s positive result. Remember that our collective agreement expires on December 31, but remains in full force until an agreement is reached or a strike or lockout takes place. MISSISSAUGA, April 28, 2017 – Purolator and Teamsters Canada have reached a new five-year collective agreement. Today, unionized workers, represented by the Teamsters, voted to ratify the interim agreement reached on March 28. About Purolator Purolator Inc. is one of Canada`s leading providers of integrated freight, parcel and logistics solutions. Purolator celebrates more than 50 years of delivering on its customers` promises, further expanding its reach and level of renowned service and reliability to more people, more businesses and more locations across the country and around the world.

Purolator is proud of its Canadian heritage and strives to position itself sustainably for future growth and success. Purolator is also committed to the well-being of the communities in which it operates and where more than 10,000 of its employees live, work and play. For more information, see purolator.com. If negotiations do not progress with sufficient success in November, the union can request federal conciliation, a government procedure that must be followed before a strike or lockout can take place. This means that a mediation agent is appointed by the federal government to support the negotiation process. Watch for other updates on the negotiations and if you have any questions, feel free to contact your local. With your solidarity, we will negotiate the best possible deal in the courier industry. Therefore, in accordance with the Canada Labour Code, we will seek federal arbitration this month.

This is a required government process that offers the help of a mediator, but also establishes a legal deadline to follow before a strike or lockout can be triggered. It`s time to start the clock and urge your employer to address the important language issues and seriously address the monetary aspect of these negotiations. Your Teamsters bargaining committee has just completed the second week of negotiations with your employer in Toronto, October 25-29. Their Teamsters Bargaining Committee met from September 15-18. November to negotiate with your employer in Quebec City, when negotiations have slowed down and meetings have been interrupted. Richard EichelDirectorTesters Canada Parcel Division Negotiations are progressing slowly, with agreements on some of the smaller issues as well as a full dialogue on the important issue of subcontracting. This is about job security and it is a serious issue that the Union must address before concluding monetary issues such as working hours, health benefits, pensions and wages. We will keep you informed of the status of the negotiations at the end of the next week of negotiations. We have provisionally set the week of 10-14 January 2022 to resume negotiations and hope that the ministerial decision and the appointment of a mediator for these meetings will be available. Although many language issues have been resolved, there is still a great distance between the parties on the main issue of subcontracting. Monetary items such as personal holidays and days, social and health benefits, retirement and wages also remain outstanding. Media Contact: Karen White-Boswell Director, Corporate Communications Purolator Office: 905-712-1084 Ext.

23241 Mobile: 416-579-8169[email protected] The company was strongly reminded that this is 2021 and not the tough negotiations of the final round of 2016-2017. We remember the extreme conditions our members have been through since the peak of 2019 until the pandemic. We also know the profitability of the company, the shortage of labor and the demand for our industrial services. By law, there can be no strike or lockout during the 60-day arbitration process and no strike or lockout during a 21-day cooling-off period immediately thereafter. These time limits may be extended by mutual agreement. Without an extension, a strike or lockout can be triggered with 72 hours` notice. The next hearing dates are scheduled for the week of November 15 to 19 in Quebec City. .