What Does It Mean To End User License Agreement

One. Scope of License: Licensor grants you a non-transferable license to use the Licensed Application on Apple-branded products that you own or control and that are permitted under the Terms of Use. The terms of this standard EULA apply to any content, material or service accessible through the Licensed Application or purchased in the Licensed Application, as well as upgrades provided by Licensor that replace or supplement the original Licensed Application, unless such upgrade is accompanied by a custom EULA. Except as provided in the Usage Rules, you may not distribute or make available the Licensed Application over a network where it could be used by multiple devices at the same time. You may not transfer, redistribute, or sublicense the Licensed Application, and if you sell your Apple Device to a third party, you must first remove the Licensed App from the Apple Device. You may not copy the updates or any part thereof (except to the extent permitted by this License and the Usage Rules), reverse engineer, disassemble, attempt to derive, modify or create derivative works from the source code of the Licensed Application (except to the extent that any of the foregoing restrictions are prohibited by applicable law, or to the extent permitted by the License Terms for the use of the Open Source Components, which are included in the license, is permitted). Licensed application). „Cisco Content“ means (a) any content or data that Cisco makes available to you in connection with your use of Cisco Technology and (b) any content or data that Cisco Technology generates or derives from your use. Cisco content includes geographic and domain information, rules, signatures, threat intelligence, and data feeds, as well as Cisco`s compilation of suspicious URLs. 3.4. Protection of account access. You will keep all account information up to date, use reasonable means to protect your account information, passwords, and other credentials, and promptly notify Cisco of any known or suspected unauthorized use or access to your account.

An End User License Agreement (EULA) is a license that gives a user the right to use a software application in any way. EULAs are designed to enforce certain restrictions on the use of the software, e.B use of the software only on a single computer. With the conclusion of the contract, the user receives permission to use and benefit from the software. An EULA for downloaded software is also known as a click wrap, as opposed to shrink wrap. This comparison is made because the old EULAs were in paper form in the packaged product, which was not accessible until the consumer opened the shrink film. Some licenses[5] claim to prohibit a user`s right to share data about the performance of the software, but this has not yet been challenged in court. Many form contracts are only included in digital form and are only presented to a user in the form of a click that the user must „accept“. Since the user can only see the contract after having already purchased the software, these documents can be liability contracts. „Product Specific Terms“ means the additional product-related terms that apply to the Cisco technology you purchase as set forth in www.cisco.com/go/softwareterms. If you use Cisco technology in a location where local laws require a notified body to be responsible for collecting data about individual end users and transferring data outside of that jurisdiction (for example.

B, Russia and China), you acknowledge that you are the entity responsible for compliance with these laws. A common criticism of end-user license agreements is that they are often far too long for users to spend time reading them thoroughly. As of March 2012, the PayPal end user license agreement was 36,275 words,[15] and by May 2011, the iTunes agreement was 56 pages long. [16] Sources of information reporting these results stated that the vast majority of users do not read documents because of their length. „You“ means the person or entity that purchases Cisco Technology. .